DEN.OS™ Platform

Distributed Energy Network Optimization System

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Demand Energy has developed a “best-in-class” BTM Energy Management Systems (“EMS”) based on patent pending control and economic optimization technology that maximizes the economic returns of behind the meter (“BTM”) storage systems alone, or in combination with distributed generation (“DG”). 

The DEN.OS platform was architected to facilitate the design, integration and operation of energy assets/services, to deliver the highest financial returns across the broadest range of energy storage applications, utility rate structures and economic use cases today and in the future.  The DEN.OS software platform was architected as an end-to-end solution that delivers differentiated value across the entire project life cycle and can support both Utility and Behind the Meter (BTM) projects.  The DE platform and cloud based analytics deliver continuous optimization of economic returns, future proofing storage assets over their 20-year lifecycle.

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Demand Energy’s patent pending control and economic optimization technology delivers a >35% improvement in economic efficiency over the rules/app driven solutions offered by competitors today. This enables Demand Energy to optimize each facilities total financial returns across any number of stacked value streams in real time, with any battery chemistry or utility rate structure while maximizing revenues from emerging transactive grid services markets (wholesale/retail). 

Examples listed below:

  • • Time of use (“TOU”) energy (kWh) arbitrage
  • • Demand charge reduction
  • • Demand response (without impacting critical building operations/tenants)
  • • Load shaping and firming to optimize economic returns with distributed generation
  • • Backup/critical power full micro-grid operation to provide resiliency
  • • Aggregate and bid for utility/ISO transactive capacity markets
  • • Ancillary services and/or voltage and VAR regulation (power quality)
  • • Aggregation of distributed storage for hedging wholesale power purchases

The DEN.OS leverages the rich data stream we capture in real-time from the dynamic building loads while assessing and automatically adapting to new rate tariffs, incentive programs and grid services revenue opportunities.  The DE platform and cloud based analytics deliver continuous optimization of economic returns, future proofing storage assets over their 20-year lifecycle.

DE provides a complete turnkey solution (HW, SW and services) that assures clear accountability by tying together the upfront modeling, design and simulation, with the installation and operational monitoring, control, and financial optimization required to deploy storage + DER solutions at speed and scale on either side of the utility meter.

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